4 Traits of Successful Branding

When it comes to branding a company, there are 4 things that I focus on and find extremely important in the journey. These are things that have been built upon endless searching and questions and end up coming together in a pretty package with a bow on top.

Successful branding…


As any business owner knows, it is very important to know WHO your target market is, and make sure that everything you do is reflecting them, their values, their interests, and ultimately attracting them. You should have defined this market so well that you could tell them what they want for breakfast! Yes, they like almond milk…not regular. They are your defined niche, your crowd, and everything you say and do is for them. It is better to aim to please one ideal person, then please everyone. If you try to make everyone happy, you end up making no one happy. Now that we know a successful business knows their niche, it is obvious that their branding should reflect those same core values. A successful branding reflects your target market perfectly.

Successful branding….


If you saw the green mermaid emblem anywhere, you would know immediately it was Starbucks…no name needed. I’m positive you’ve heard before that branding can create recognition amongst the masses, and a successful branding does just that. The more your defined niche sees your branding out on social media, pinterest, google, they start to recognize it and eventually if they haven’t researched you already, they will. The only way to create this recognition is to have branding that is consistent and repeats across all of your media. Your website, social media accounts, business cards or other branding collateral, should all have the same look and feel. Good branding creates consistency, and successful branding creates recognition. Together, it is one powerful COMBO-BREAKER for your business (nerd moment).

Successful branding…


I am assuming that if you have gone through the roller coaster that is “starting your own business” that you have a deep rooted purpose and passion for it. Successful branding defines this purpose and showcases it. A lot of times when you start the branding process, it makes you dive deep into yourself and really look at your business. Why do you do what you do? What do you love about your job? Why did you start your business? All of this passion and information is funneled into your branding and design work. If it isn’t, trust me when I say you’ll be back for another brand rework in 6 months. It is extremely important that you look deep into your business and discuss these things with your designer. Designers are equipped to help you problem-solve and collaborate with you to create a brand that defines your purpose as an individual or company, and showcase it to the world.

Successful branding…


Last but not least, a successful branding creates trust! This isn’t something that is just pure design, it has a lot to do with your interaction and products; but successful branding aids in the creation of trust. How many times have you gone to a website following a link and then Xing out immediately. Whether it was endless pop-ups that scared you off, or just the tacky repeating background or music that started blaring after loading. Same goes for a professional business card, or email, or whatever interactions you make with clients. They need to see that you are professional, they need to see that passion and purpose, they need to see themselves (your defined niche), they need to recognize your brand as something they’ve seen before, and with all these things combined they will trust your business and your expertise.

So whenever you decide to start on the exciting and rewarding journey of branding, make sure that these 4 traits are evident. They are keys to a successful branding, and in turn, keys to a successful businesses.

If you have any questions, or want to discuss with me your business ventures, I would love to hear from you! Simply go to my contact page.


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