"I have a logo and site but it just doesn’t feel like me. I want something that is meaningful and unique that will make me stand out from others in my industry."

Well, first off, we want you to know you aren’t alone. Our client list is full of individuals who wanted to showcase their passion and heart in the visuals they curated for their business. And it starts with your story.

Our process is heavily influenced by your story and your passion for serving others. We want nothing more than to bring that to life in the visuals we create for your business. Whether your name bears sentimental value, or maybe the difficult road to get to where you are today has shaped your business in a way that should be displayed, we have created in-depth questionnaires to pull this information and ignite the project right at the start.

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 My company name has a lot of meaning behind it as it was inspired by my dad. I shared the story of how it came about and what it really meant with Hannah when we started my project. She took my story and interpreted it in a way I could never have pictured, in the most beautiful way. Because of the emotion and meaning behind my company name, it was a tall order, bringing it to life and developing the foundation of my brand, and Hannah did an amazing job. 

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 She isn’t the kind of designer who is just going to do what she wants or what she thinks looks the best to their own personal aesthetic- she listens, collaborates, and does everything in her power to give you something that is personal and unique to your business. My new logo is more than I knew I wanted. Though the process took some time to get there, the design is something that is so personal to me. I literally cried when she sent me the concept for the first time. It had that big of an impact.

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the process

Getting to know your story and your dreams is important to us. That is why we follow a thorough process filled with questionnaires that get you thinking about what a rebrand truly entails long before the project begins. 

But first, coffee and conversation. We hop on a call and get to know each other, hot beverage of choice in hand. We discuss your business and passion for your brand, and where you ultimately want to be in the next year, 5 years, and beyond. 

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Branding is all about being true to yourself. This is why the second part of the process revolves around you and what inspires you. We pin #allthingthings and gather everything that inspires you and your business journey. This is what I call the "discovery zone".

discovery zone

Now the fun part. Taking YOUR style, and YOUR passion, and creating something specifically for YOU. We break the mold of standards and templates, and we speak directly to your clients in your own voice. This is the time to get creative, and I absolutely love for us to brainstorm new concepts, start pushing the limits and start setting trends.

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We set the world-wide-web ablaze, launching your new branding and website. It’s so rewarding to see your dreams, aspirations, and personal style come alive in imagery and design.

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want to learn even more? Download our getting started guide.

You have a story to tell and we want to help you do just that through a compelling and meaningful brand. We know that no two businesses are the same, and neither is the journey to developing a successful business and a passionate brand that reflects your story. You created your business with a passion for what you do, and it’s important to showcase that through your brand.

If you're ready to start working on elevating your brand, we would love to hear from you! You can start the inquiry process by clicking on the button below.

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We donate a percentage of sales each month to Elijah Rising to help end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare.   |    ©  Hannah Robinson Design Studio 2017

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