Stop Doing It All – You Aren’t A Designer

Let’s get this harsh fact swallowed early on in this post: you aren’t a designer and you shouldn’t be trying to do it all in your business. When we wear “all the hats”, what happens is we begin losing the quality of each of those elements.

What you do, you do best. It is where your expertise lies, it is where your passion lies, and ultimately where the quality is strongest.

So when I tell you to “stop doing it all!”, I say it out of love. Here is why:

Design is more than something “fun”

A lot of times, people begin making their own graphics because it’s fun. Sure, design has a creative and artistic element to it, but that isn’t all.

Designers have years of education and experience that allow them to see things from a different perspective. Colors, fonts, and layout can all give off an impression. Great readability, understanding, and communication come through effective typography and design.

Design isn’t just something fun, it’s about problem solving. It’s about speaking to the right audience visually. It’s worth investing in.

Reduce Stress & Save Time

You have a business to run, and that isn’t easy. When you try to do every aspect in your business you end up stressing yourself out. Hiring other professionals to help you in the areas you aren’t an expert, is one way to reduce that stress. It also saves you loads of time. Time that you can spend on the parts of your business YOU thrive in.

I am no exception! I have recently invested in a VA (virtual assistant) to help me with all that business stuff my creative brain doesn’t wrap around. Now I can focus on my client experience and the designs that I deliver. SO worth it.

Make Your Business Look More Professional

When it comes to design, the effects it has on your audience is subconscious. They are forming opinions on your business before they even reach out. This isn’t good if you’re piecing things together in PowerPoint or Word.

Good design makes you look professional. It subconsciously shows your clients that you put effort and thought into EVERY aspect of your business. From the things you create, to marketing, and down to the client experience.

The Perks of Working with Other Professionals

I have yet to meet someone who is good at everything. When you allow other professionals to come work with you, they are bringing their expertise. You get their knowledge, education, skill set, and years of experience. It’s a huge perk that will only benefit your clients.

Let’s face it, we aren’t good at everything. There are parts of our business that are our least favorite or hardest to understand. The creative elements are often in that category. Allow an expert to come in. Not only with your business benefit, but so will your clients.

Research helpful apps and tools

You may not be at the point in your business where you can hire help. If that is the case, then I encourage you to do your research. Find helpful apps and tools that can assist you in creating compelling designs. This way, you can look more professional and take a little bit of the stress off.

You won’t be getting the perks and knowledge of working with a professional, but you at least can make due until you can hire someone.

Apps & Tools

Canva: Is a great source for marketing graphics. Instagram templates for posts and stories, blog graphics, and even flyers or other marketing materials. They have beautiful templates pre-built that you populate with your information. [tip: Don’t get too creative. Stick to the templates and customize the colors, font, and imagery only.]

Creative Market : If you are comfortable using Adobe Photoshop, then check out Creative Market for lots of great graphics and templates. Be sure to read the License and purchase the correct one.

[tip: they also have free goods every week!]

Unsplash: Free images that are amazing quality. Great for designing with or using on your SM accounts.

Ready to hire someone?

If you are profiting in your business, then I would encourage you to think about hiring someone. Check your budget, see how much you can spend, and think about the return rate on it. Compelling designs = better conversion = more clients.

If your interested in working together then fill out my project inquiry form. I am always open to discussing your needs and creating a package that works best for your business.


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