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My minimalistic approach is all about quality and clarity. Allowing your voice to be prominent while still attracting your defined niche through strategic design is the goal.

No matter where your business is right now, we can take it to the next stage through functional and intentional service packages crafted specifically for you.


Branding is combination of visual pieces adopted by your business that create unique and memorable experiences. It becomes associated with credibility, quality, and satisfaction in your clients minds. You can use it to reflect your identity, values, and passions of your business. In essence, it takes your company from being undefined, in-cohesive, and impersonal, to a level of uniqueness, quality, and cohesion.

Logo Design


Brand Standards


The most memorable, and arguably the most important part of your brand, is the logo. I offer identity creation separate or included within a complete brand package. We work together to create a primary, secondary, and sub-mark logo that represents you.

We define your brand standards by selecting a color scheme, typography, and a design aesthetic. Cohesion is key to portraying professionalism and gaining trust.

Brand elements are anything that support your design aesthetic and logo. It could be icons, illustrations, or patterns.

Everything your client touches (insert Lion King moment) should reflect your new brand. I include collateral creation in my branding package to further elevate and ignite your branding. 


Web Design

We will take your brand and create a visual world that takes your clients on a journey to discover your passion, your heart, and ultimately invest. Websites are one of the more popular methods to find businesses and invest in their services, especially on mobile devices. Making sure your website meets the standards of your brand is crucial.



I create most of my websites using Showit, an advanced drag & drop platform that allows my clients to easily update their site post completion. I offer completely custom (designed from scratch, no templates!) multi-page and one-page design options.

Shopify is one of the top platforms for e-commerce. If you are looking to sell items on your site, this is going to be the option for you. I design the layout and work with a developer to build and execute the perfect online website for your brand and business.



All the perks that Wordpress can offer is at your fingertips. Whether it is your platform of choice for blogging, e-commerce, or one you are most comfortable with, I work to design and develop the exact site you need.


If I can't convince you to switch to Showit (tiny bit partial) then Squarespace is still an option! I will design the look and layout of your site and work to develop and perfect it in Squarespace.


I offer branded films for your online advertising, website, or social media platforms.  I work to capture the intention, emotion, and passion behind your business and put it into moving pictures.



A small 1 min film perfect for website banners and Instagram content.

A 3-5 minute film that is perfect for advertising and campaigns.