When Re-Branding is Essential for your Business

Re-branding is a time-consuming, mentally draining endeavor that has us rethinking our business from the ground up. Finding clarity can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and if you are the only one in that haystack you might be there for weeks, months, or even years.

Your business has many stages within your brand. Where you were when you first started out is probably not where you are right now, and not where you will be in 10 years. And that is a really good sign. It means you are evolving, growing, and hopefully redefining your brand along the way.

When Re-Branding is Essential for your Business

Evolving Clientele

When you are first starting out in your business you have an idea on who your dream client is and you brand your business around them. This is normal and ideal, but as you begin to work and meet clients and grow in your skills, your ideal client will change too. Your business will evolve, your skills will become more refined, and your mission more defined. You’ll be worth more and thus, charging more. But what happens when the audience you’ve been targeting is now no longer interested in your services. Maybe they say you are too expensive or maybe your style isn’t what they want anymore.

This is a turning point in many businesses that can often end up disastrous. A client says you are too expensive, do you then feel like you are not worth the rate you charge? Do you tamper with the idea of lowering your prices back down? Maybe a few people stop following along because they no longer like what you are doing.

This is called evolving, and it should be something you sing praises for instead of stray away from.

You are becoming better at what you do, your defining who you are within your brand AND refining your business. The clients that you attract at the beginning won’t necessarily be the same you attract later in the game.

Speaking to your ideal client and working towards attracting them and helping them, should be the focus of your brand. Which brings us to the question that if your ideal client is evolving, shouldn’t your brand too? The answer: Yes.

This is where rebranding comes into play.

Attracting Your New Audience

Now with a few years under your belt, you’ve discovered things about your business you didn’t know at the start. Processes you thought would work well have been changed and updated, people you worked with have come and gone, and your talents and skills have dramatically improved. It only makes sense that your prices and brand reflect this growth.

You may find yourself at a stage where you want to start attracting a new audience. One that understands the level of talent you supply, appreciates it, and will pay for it without pouting.

It’s time to go back to the beginning. To ask yourselves those questions that help you understand and define your niche so that you can begin speaking to your dream clients once again.

Brand Face-Lift

You’ve defined your new clientele, and know that they will appreciate your skills, talents, and prices. Now, it’s time to revisit the aesthetics of your brand to make sure it is reflecting this new evolution.

Look at your visual elements: logo, color scheme, typography, marketing collateral and website.

Do they look high-end? Do they look worth your prices? Or are you still using those makeshift templates from when you first started?

As obvious as it sounds, sometimes we forget to enhance the aesthetics of our brand and just focus on the products. While products are essentially the heart of your brand, they aren’t always the first thing people see. Usually, it’s your logo and website.

Hiring a Brand Specialist

I know the feeling of wanting to do it all. As entrepreneurs, we’ve worked hard to get our business to the stage it is at, so the idea of hiring someone else to brand our baby is uncomfortable.

But if you get one thing out of this post, it’s that a true Brand Designer and Specialist wants nothing more than to showcase your business true to it’s heart. It shouldn’t be about their own personal design aesthetic, only reflecting the best one for YOUR business.

Hiring a Brand Specialist not only allows you to focus on your business and leave the nitty gritty to them, but it allows you to collaborate and learn the methods behind design. How colors give off emotions, and fonts give an impression. How combining the right elements together can elevate your business from average to high-end and onward.

Find a Brand Specialist that has an aesthetic you like and want to obtain. Everyone has different levels of talent, so it’s important to take time finding the right person. Does this person have an aesthetic that can elevate your brand? The branding process isn’t quick, so do they have a personality that you can get along with? Is this someone you can work with for a month to two months?

Elevating Your Business

Together, you and and the right Brand Specialist can work together to redefine your design aesthetic and even fine-tune your targeted niche, elevating your brand and business to the next level. Don’t allow yourself to stay stagnant in your business growth, if it’s time to repot yourself I advise you do it so you can keep growing.

Much Love,


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