Learn The Color Wheel to Help Your Business Brand

It’s important to learn the color wheel because color is a beautiful thing. Whether you realize it or not, colors and the way they are used or combined can give an impression. In this post I want to go over the basics of color, the color wheel, and what colors compliment. My hope is that by sharing this information, you can be better equipped to pick colors that better represent you, your brand, your mission, and look good doing it!

Learn The Color Wheel to Help Your Business Brand

The Color Wheel

Let’s start with the basics. The color wheel.

The primary colors of a color wheel are the parents to all color: Red, Yellow, Blue. By combining primary colors you get secondary colors which are orange, green, and purple. From there you have another branch of colors called tertiary colors.

Learn The Color Wheel to Help Your Business Brand

Here is a great graphic that has all of these colors labeled for you. (don’t you love info-graphs!?) Now that we know the basics, we need to know which colors go well together. One combination option is choosing colors that are located next to each other on the graph (these colors are called analogous colors). You can also choose to keep within the cool tones or warm tones of these colors as well.

Next combination option is picking colors that are complimentary. These colors are located across from each other: red & green, yellow & purple, orange & blue. Now as a color wheel continues to mix and grow in shades, you will have more options for combinations. 

As you can see, there are endless color options and endless combination options! But picking colors that go well with one another starts here with the very basics. For example, if you love peach, a complimentary color to go with it could be lavender. Pair that with some neutrals and you have a great start for a color scheme. A great online source is Adobe Color.  It allows you to select colors and see their analogous shades or complimentary shades.


I hope this post was helpful! And as always be sure to follow along by subscribing to my newsletter below or even heading over to my Facebook group “Build the Brand”.


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