what you need to know:

Starting something as important and time-consuming as branding can feel overwhelming and even daunting at times. But that is where I aim to change things. By working TOGETHER, we collaborate to create something timeless and unique. I like to describe my style as minimal with a flare - that flare being attributes that reflect you and your business.
That is why I strive to educate, inspire, and encourage you throughout the entire process. 
Download the Getting Starting Guide to learn more about the process, things to know, and find some answers to some frequently asked questions.

Download the getting started guide

starting the process

Every project starts out with a Client Design Brief that helps me better get to know you, your business, and guide our journey on discovering your new brand.

Once you book your project, you'll be given access to your Client Google Drive folder where you will find this file, and where we will place other files as the project continues.

brand development

• Client Design Brief
• Inspiration Board 
• Color Scheme
• Primary Logo Design
• Secondary Logo Design
• Typography Selection
• Final Branding Board


Total of 4 marketing collateral pieces included.
• Business Cards
• Stamp / Sticker Design
• Thank You Cards
• Social Media Banners
• Certificates
• Email Stationary
• Etc. 

web design

Depending on your business needs, I offer both a one-page scrolling site design and a multi-page site design.     


Timeline varies due to project and client availability but can range anywhere from
4-8 weeks.


• Multiple color versions (black, white, full color)
• Press files (EPS)
• Web file formats (JPG, PNG)
• Links where to download and/or purchase
• Press files (PDF)
• Web file formats (JPG or PNG)


The cost for all projects is broken down into 3 easy payments, the first being due upon booking and scheduling your start date.