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Working through the bond between the mind, body and soul to bring a depth that captivates the senses.


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I only take on a select number of projects each year to make sure I dedicate all my attention, time, and talents for each client. 

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If you are anything like me, you’ve fallen victim countless times to the “Oooh, that’s cute!” syndrome while walking through Target. Whether it’s home decor, shoes, or coffee mugs (guilty), we fill up our basket with things we don’t need and probably already have. But if it’s one thing I’ve learned over the past few […]


My minimal and intentional ways of life don’t end at design, they also translate over into many other things like minimal interiors. I love classic, clean spaces where the clutters of life and material things fade and you are left with the essentials and a little flare. I’ve gathered some of my favorite minimal interiors […]


I’ll be honest with you, staying intentional and minimal during the holiday season in the United States is not an easy feat. We are a country whose holidays are all about consumption. The true meaning behind these special days of the year often get buried under the pile of food, drinks, and gifts. There is […]