We are a multi-faceted design studio combining mod style, minimal aesthetics, and timeless design to create signature brands. We work with established artisans from around the world to bring refinement and finesse to their brands. 


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We only take on a select number of projects each year to make sure we dedicate all our attention, time, and talents to our clients.

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It is a pretty great feeling having a new brand for your business that finally encompasses the vision and direction you want to take it. It’s beautiful, professional, and unique to you and your mission. It attracts your dream clients, and now you can speak directly to them with confidence. Now what? Phasing Out Now […]


Re-branding is a time-consuming, mentally draining endeavor that has us rethinking our business from the ground up. Finding clarity can be like finding a needle in a haystack, and if you are the only one in that haystack you might be there for weeks, months, or even years. Your business has many stages within your […]


We recently wrapped up another project in the studio and I’m so excited to share with you this lovely lady boss and her new identity and website! Jennifer Harrison discovered me through another previous client (Marena Beck), and was looking to amp up her visual game. Being a Creative Director herself, Jennifer had the eye […]


Knowing Yourself Discovering the significance of YOU within your business. “You create a credible brand by staying true to who you are.” – Hilary Sawchuk   Before we dive into getting to know your dream client, we need to discover YOU first. Because what makes a business brand successful, is being unique – being YOU. I’ve […]


What is Branding Defining the components of a successful brand While I will continue to harp on the visual side of branding and how it’s very important, it isn’t everything. Today I want to talk about what branding is and how to discover what makes you different so that you can speak to what is unique […]


We donate a percentage of sales each month to Elijah Rising to help end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare.   |    ©  Hannah Robinson Design Studio 2017