Why You Should Take “Competition” Out of Your Business

Running your own business is challenging, I’m sure you know. It has it’s ups & downs, moments of being in cloud nine, then moments of being tossed down furiously into the ocean and struggling not to drown.

Why You Should Take “Competition” Out of Your Business | Hannah Robinson Design

When I talk about entrepreneurship, I like to compare it to being on a deserted island.

You can choose to be solo cut-throat, in it to win it, going to do whatever it takes – OR – you can join others and help each other build up their shelters and find food and water together.

We are in a world where millions of people are within reach in our hands. We can communicate, collaborate, and market in the many outlets of social media. Because of this, there is no need for the cut-throat business methods. There are over 7 Billion people in this world. Obviously, take out the percentages of those who don’t have internet, then subtract the people who aren’t your ideal clientele, and you will still probably have millions of people.

See my point?

When I started my business I wasn’t sure where to begin. I found another entrepreneur in my same field who had an online course. She taught, shared, and encouraged other beginners like myself to pursue their passion. Was she concerned that all these people could take away from her future profits, or steal possible clients? Nope.

When you begin to change your mindset to understand that there are enough people to go around, you realize that we can start being one large team. Instead of competing with each other, we can encourage and share knowledge. We can share the harvest, because it is plentiful.

It makes running your own business less stressful, less lonely, and more enjoyable.

So, I challenge you today to take the word “competition” out of your business. You don’t have competitors anymore, you have colleagues. It’s a beautiful thing.


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