‘Tis The Season for a Business Breakdown

As the holidays grow closer, I’ve noticed that my attention span grows shorter. My mind is being pulled in too many directions. Did I purchase all the gifts? Did I buy what I needed for the food? Which parties were we invited to and should I throw one? When were my client projects starting again? What was I just working on?

If you want to compare me to a goldfish I won’t judge you.

So how do we slow down amongst the rat race and make sure our business is taken care of for the upcoming new year? I’ll share things I have newly implemented and ideas that have been working for me, in hopes it may be of some assistance to you!

‘Tis The Season for a Business Breakdown by Hannah Robinson Design

Batch Tasking

Surprisingly I have been more of a sporadic worker in my business. It may be the previous jobs that caused me to be this way, jumping from one project to the next due to sudden emails or change in thought process. Nevertheless, I often catch myself wrapping up at 5pm and having no idea where all my time went or what I even accomplished. I recently watched a video talking about how our brain processes information and how multitasking isn’t as effective as we imagine. It actually confuses our brain causing us to accomplish a lot less than we could if we batched our tasks.

So, I set out to dictate how I would spend my work days every week. Setting particular days for content creation, projects, social media, and so on. This has allowed me to sit down and know what I want to accomplish each day and dive into it without distractions. I save the emails for later after I have done what needs to be finished. So far, so good.

Taking Time Away From Work

This one shouldn’t come as a surprise, but might be something you’ve ignored. There are times to work your butt off, and there are times to rest. It’s important for our own health and business to take time away from work. Whether it’s a FULL weekend, or even a few extra days. We exert ourselves quite a lot, not to mention the stress of running our own business making knots in our shoulders, so rest is essential.

Take time away from work, especially this time of the year when things slow down. There is no reason not to take advantage of that instead of using it to busy yourself and work more.

Reevaluate what is important

One thing that I have begun to do not only in my business, but my life as well, is reevaluate the things that are important. When you are 80 years old, will you look back at your life and be happy you spent so many long nights in front of your computer? Will you long for that time you should have been spending with your family or loved ones? I hope not. Instead, when I’m old I hope that I can reflect on my life and be happy with how I spent my time. Sure, I spent a lot of it in business but it will be focused on my clients and helping others. I will have spent time with my husband and family and friends. I will have put the important things first, leaving money, fame, and popularity behind.

Brainstorm for the New Year

Another great thing about the slowness that comes with the holidays and the end of the year, is the time it gives you to brainstorm for the new year! Use this time to set goals and dream big! Decide how you want to market your business, grow or expand, and serve your clients better. Dream about the ideas you wish you had implemented this year, or the skills you wish you had learned and write them down. Get them on paper and get them in your face so that you can make them happen in the new year.


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