Brand Photo Shoot with Only Love Remains Photography

Hello everyone! As you’ve probably noticed, there are a lot of new images floating around on social media and my website. I wanted to share this post to go over the new pictures as well as give a well-deserved shout out to Isabel from Only Love Remains Photography, for using her amazing talent to help accomplish my vision for this brand photo shoot.


Whenever you are looking to plan out a shoot, you need to make sure that whoever you choose to collaborate with has a similar aesthetic to your own. Isabel’s style is very clean, white, and bright. This aligned perfectly with my own minimal style and branding.



Another piece of advice is to hire a hair/makeup artist to prep you for the shoot. The lovely Taylor from UpdoGypsy came out and prettied me up, but also was such a great sport in letting me borrow her for some “client meeting” shots.



Brainstorm ideas for “filler” shots. These might not be of you. They might be of an office setup, or items that you love (specifically this mug from The Constant Creative). Get creative!



Keep in mind your profession and what you do. For me, it was essential to have a variety of computer shots so that I can fill them with my own website designs. A few desk shots as well were a must!



And of course, be yourself and show that gorgeous face! People do want to see you and see who they will be connecting with or working with. These are just a couple of my favorites, but you will see plenty more in the future!


Much love!



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