A branding studio that creates meaningful, intentional branding that captures the essence of your business' story and portrays it through minimal, beautiful, effective designs and videography.


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We only take on a select number of projects each year to make sure we dedicate all our attention, time, and talents to our clients.

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As the holidays grow closer, I’ve noticed that my attention span grows shorter. My mind is being pulled in too many directions. Did I purchase all the gifts? Did I buy what I needed for the food? Which parties were we invited to and should I throw one? When were my client projects starting again? […]


It’s Monday and I’m doing a little throw back to an Instagram #moodboardmonday post from my fellow business creatives where we challenged each other to create a Disney princess mood board. Not only was it fun (cause we all love Disney, duh) but a challenge and group project. Scroll below to see the mood board […]


I’m so excited to share with you another amazing brand launch, this time for lifestyle photographer Katie Walls (aka Red Turtle Photography). Before I even get on the phone with perspective clients, I send a pre-call questionnaire that helps me understand who they are, their business, and their needs before we chat. After reading Katie’s […]


My minimal and intentional ways of life don’t end at design, they also translate over into many other things like minimal interiors. I love classic, clean spaces where the clutters of life and material things fade and you are left with the essentials and a little flare. I’ve gathered some of my favorite minimal interiors […]


I’ll be honest with you, staying intentional and minimal during the holiday season in the United States is not an easy feat. We are a country whose holidays are all about consumption. The true meaning behind these special days of the year often get buried under the pile of food, drinks, and gifts. There is […]