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Made up of an experienced team, the A-Team if you will, we combine our extensive knowledge of branding, web, and business to benefit our clients the most. From your identity and brand, to your online presence or shop, our purpose is to create something unique, memorable, intentional, timeless, and YOU.

I'm a Jesus-loving, coffee-drinking, pet-owning minimalist and introvert. Currently (happily) married and living in Houston Texas, I bask in the glory that is life and am fueled by the passion to live each day with intention.

This is why I quit the corporate rat-race and strove to start my own business that focused on serving others and using my gifts to elevate businesses.

(Want to read more? I have a blog post all about it!)

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Cassandra discovered a passion for websites above all other areas of design, and spent years learning everything she could to serve her clients as a full-stack WordPress developer.

She offers her clients the unique opportunity to have the exact website they want while still being able to easily make updates and changes to content and imagery. Her goal is to provide creatives and small businesses with the same quality websites that big brands have access to.

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Christina Fowler started her own business (By Stina Faye) with the intention of bringing clarity through effective storytelling online. Through her expert level in design and developing websites, she goes beyond “just a template” by utilizing the Squarespace platform to her clients benefit.

She’s a firm believer that setting you up with a website that will be completely manageable on your own is just one of the many ways that we can help empower your brand.

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Kaitlin Fontenot, better known as Kait, was named one of the top sixteen designers to follow by Shopify in 2016. With ten years of retail, marketing, & design experience, she prides herself in being able to answer the most complicated questions for her clients while helping them to better understand the e-commerce world.

She works alongside hundreds of retailers, designing websites that convert window shoppers into customers and also trains retailers on how to use Shopify to its fullest potential.

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