3 Mistakes You Are Making When Picking Out Your Brand Colors

If you’re trying to create your own brand you might be making these mistakes while picking out your brand colors. But don’t worry! I’ve got some tips as well as education on how to avoid these mistakes and come out with a great brand!

3 Mistakes You Are Making When Picking Out Your Brand Colors

1. Clashing Colors -> Learn the color wheel

Uh oh, flash-backs to middle school art class? As mundane as it may seem, knowing the color wheel is essential in any visual world. There are so many factors to color! Do you remember the primary colors? Red, Yellow, Blue are the starting point for every other color in the color wheel. Crazy thought right? So that’s why it’s important to know what colors combine to make others, and what colors compliment one another.

I’ve got an in depth post here that will walk you through the color wheel and teach you primary, secondary, and tertiary. As well as complimentary color schemes.

2. Boring Colors -> Have a variety

I see all too often, color schemes that are purely neutral and flat, or color schemes that are nothing but bold and bright! While these color schemes might be appealing at first glance, when you actually start trying to use them in your designs you’ll find out too quickly that 5 different shades of pale pink are not going translate well.

So create a variety. Have light neutrals, dark neutrals, a pop of color and a supporting color as a minimum. You can check out my blog post here that goes over how to create a color scheme.

3. Going out of style -> Avoid trends

If you are picking colors because they are currently trendy, you’re going to run into the problem of your brand colors going out of style. It is always a better idea to pick something that speaks to you instead of the trends. Do you think the ladies that hopped on the Black/Hot pink trend are still loving it? Maybe a small %, but definitely not all. Right now Blush is a huge trend, but if you don’t like pink – DON’T pick it as a brand color.

Of course, it’s essential to pick colors that represent your business well and to keep in mind the emotional connection people have to colors (you can learn all about that here), but you also are the one who has to stare at this branding more than anyone else. Balancing trends and personal taste is a must if you want your brand colors to be timeless.

So what have we learned? Don’t follow trends, know the color wheel, and know how to best pick colors that compliment each other and keep interest.

Be sure to check out the other posts I linked to for the FULL details, and subscribe below to get these details in your inbox.

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