My design specialty is brands for small businesses. I collaborate with passionate people to bring the heart of their brands to the surface and showcase it through strategic and well-crafted design.  

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I don’t want to just make something ‘pretty’, I want it to mean something. I do this by getting to know my clients and their businesses as well as their audience. When I learn about them and their heart, inevitably I discover the heart of their brand.  

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In summary I guess I would call myself an artist. I love creating creations for the Creator, and my passion lies in that statement  I enjoy getting to know people from all over the states and working with them on creating a brand full of heart that they can be proud of.  If you want to get to know me a little more click the button below.

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I have always been “artsy” since I was young. I took every art class I could through school and then pursued design in college. Growing up along with computers and their growth, it only made sense to merge the amazing advances of software with my artistic abilities. I have done design work since 2008 and have continued to hone in on my abilities while striving to learn the different styles that are constantly emerging.

I have had the privilege of working in many different types of environments. I freelanced through school working for church organizations, a construction company, as well as bridal salons and businesses in the wedding industry. After graduating I was the lead designer for a small medical company based in the Woodlands that specialized in hearing devices. I then became part of a team of designers that worked for the global hair company Farouk Systems - manufacturers of CHI and Biosilk. 

I worked in corporate environments until the end of this year after the feeling I was being called to do something more. This past year has been a growing experience for me in my profession and in my faith. I've learned that my satisfaction for life rests in the presence of my Savior, and I have no need to fear the future. My business, whether it blows up (good or bad) will not change the passion that I have for it and the yearning I have for contributing to the lives and businesses of others. I strive to be helpful, compassionate, and educational in all of my projects and business relationships.  



You can often find me waltzing around the house in over-sized batman tees and messy hair with no makeup. I was born and raised in Texas and still live within 20min of my old stomping grounds as a kid. I live in a small house (that constantly stays dirty) with my amazing husband and my 3 adorable children. The oldest is a super fluffy calico, whom my husband found dumped in his parents front yard. We named her Audrey due to her pretty nature and gorgeous big round eyes. The next addition to the family was Willow, a black great dane who has the sweetest most loving personality. It’s true that they are gentle giants, I only slightly disagree when she steps on my foot. Lastly, is Watson. He was adopted and the last of his litter. He seems to be stuck in puppy phase, and usually gets what he wants with the big puppy-dog eyes he uses against us.

Thankfully my husband is an animal lover like myself, though 3 is a bit much and I think all we can handle. My husband and I met on Myspace (hides face in shame), and soon began talking every day. We quickly learned that we lived in the same neighborhood, went to the same schools, and even rode the same bus! To think that we had never noticed one another until college! We were married in November of 2013, and he is by far the most amazing man, and my best friend. 

Our goal is to move somewhere gorgeous. A place that has mountains and maybe even snow. I am in constant awe of life, nature, and grace and you will find these are great influences in my work. It’s my goal to be able to take my freelancing anywhere God leads. Until then I will just daydream of hiking, and having quiet-time on a porch that overlooks the wonders of nature and God’s glory.



• I’ve had two surgeries and received stitches twice in my lifetime.

• When I was young I was cross-eyed.

• I’ve worn glasses since I was 5yrs old.

• I sported blue hair for about 2 months.

• I collect patches and pins that I hoard on a denim jacket.

• Texan - hate country music. Ironic, no?

• If it makes you feel any better: I also don’t like rap, R&B, or pop music.

• I have a slight obsession with hot tea.

fun facts


• My favorite color is gray.
(my ideas are what’s colorful)

• I play SkipBo everyday with my husband. Who waits until they are old?

• Gluten free + Dairy free

• I have no allergies that I know of.

• Youngest of 3.

• Introvert by nature.

•Slightly hermit in lifestyle habits. 
• Oh, and temporary tattoos are fun. 

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I offer full brand and website design for small businesses. We work on discovering the heart of your brand and showcasing it through your collateral and website. Websites are one of the more popular methods to find businesses and invest in their services. If your website is outdated, hard to follow, or just poorly designed - you are hurting your business.

If you’re tired of trying to DIY it, or figure out who you are by yourself, then it might be time to invest in a collaboration with the same desire as your own - finding out who you are within your business and how to showcase it. 


Thank you so much for contacting me! I can't wait to hear all about your needs and/or project. 

I usually respond within 48 hrs if delivered Mon-Fri. If delivered Sat-Sun, I will get to it within 48 hrs starting Monday. 

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Branding is combination of visual pieces adopted by your business that create unique and memorable experiences. It becomes associated with credibility, quality, and satisfaction in your clients minds. You can use it to reflect your identity, values, and passions of your business. 

In essence, it takes your company from being undefined, incohesive, and impersonal, to a level of uniqueness, quality, and cohesion. 

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Mood Board
Color Scheme
Primary Logo
Secondary Logo 
Branding Board
4 Collateral Pieces


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If you're only looking for Web Design, then that means that you already have branding in place. We will take those elements and create a visual world that takes your clients on a journey to discover your passion, your heart, and ultimately invest.

Websites are one of the more popular methods to find businesses and invest in their services. If your website is outdated, hard to follow, or just poorly designed - you are hurting your business.

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web design

Created with Showit5 
Home page design
4 internal pages
Basic blog design
Showit Tutorial


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While branding and websites are where I focus most of my time, I also offer Graphic Design services.

Whether you need marketing collateral for your business or event related items like posters or flyers, I offer these design services to help you make an impact.

Have a project in mind? Hit Get Started below to send me an inquiry!

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Graphic Design
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Adorne Artistry

Working with Hannah is an absolute joy! I have "re-branded" my company over the last 7 years many times on my own, not fully recognizing the value of hiring a graphic designer and branding specialist. I chose Hannah after researching many companies. She is so patient and really listens to your feedback- it's a true collaborative effort! Hannah has become an integral part of my success as a business owner and I will continue to use her services.


We have gotten great responses since the new website was updated!! Many brides have commented that the professionalism/legitimacy of the website convinced them to make an appointment.
Our sales have more than doubled month-over-month since the website went live a the number of appointments booked has more than doubled (appointments booked online vs phone calls are about equal).


I truly enjoyed working with Hannah to design our logo. Not only is her creative work fantastic, fresh and client focused- she is professional with everything she works on and every conversation in the development of any project. Hannah delivers beyond just an excellent design and product- she delivers life-giving work and a GREAT client/designer working relationship!

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Kari Whittington

Kayla Bergholz

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giving back

A percentage of my sales each month is donated to Elijah Rising, to help end sex trafficking and sexual exploitation through prayer, awareness, intervention and aftercare.